FDA and Aviation Grade Rubber Material

KEF develops and formulates our rubber materials in-house. We use our extensive skills in applied material technology to give our customers a competitive advantage.

We draw from the latest material technologies and many thousands of our own rubber compounds from our material databases. Our materials group develops your material according to specification in timely manner. KEF provides FDA compliant medical grade materials, as well as aviation materials per AMS-P-5315.

Standard Rubber Materials

Natural Rubber (NR)

Chemical Structure: Polyisoprene

Mechanical properties such as the elasticity or fubber, wear and abrasion resistance are good.

Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR)

Chemical Structure: Lid diene strene copolymer

Wear, abrasion, and aging resistance are better than natural rubber.

Butadiene Rubber (BR)

Chemical Structure: Polybutadiene

Elasticity is good. Wear and abrasion resistance are also superior to natural rubber.

Chloroprene Rubber (CR)

Chemical Structure: Poly chloroprene

Weatherability, ozone resistance, heat resistance, and chemical resistance, are excellent.

Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber (IIR)

Chemical Structure: Isobutylene isoprene copolymer

Weatherability, ozone resistance, and gas-proof permeability are good, and bears a polar solvent.

Nitrile Rubber (NBR)

Chemical Structure: Butadiene-acrylonitrile copolymer

Oil, wear. abrasion, and aging resistance are good.

Ethylene-Propylene (EPM, EPMD)

Chemical Structure: Ethylene proplene copolymer

Aging resistance, ozone resistance, the resistance over a polar liquid and electric nature are good.

Acrylic Rubber (ACM ANM)

Chemical Structure: Acrylic ester copolymer

Good for high temperature oil resistance.

Urethane Rubber (U)

Chemical Structure: Polyurethane

Polyurethane excels in dynamic intensity. Polyurethane has good biocompatibility and is commonly used in biomedical devices.

Silicone Rubber (Q)

Chemical Structure: An organic polysiloxane

Silicone has excellent resistance to heat and cold. Oil resistance is also good. Silicone has very good biocompatibility, making it a preferred choice for medical device.

Fluorocarbon Rubber (FKM)

Chemical Structure: Perfluoropropene, vinylidene fluoride copolymer

This rubber material has the highest resistance to heat and cold.

Material Properties

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Custom Rubber Materials

KEF provides over 50 years of extensive experience in rubber materials and moldings. We develop custom rubber compounds to meet complex needs.

For example, our Delta KB, KE, KF have been developed by request specifically for the hard disk industry . These materials are Non-siloxane and low outgassing compounds developed from IIR, EPDM, FKM.

Contact us to learn more.