Flash Free Silicone Molding

KEF America provides flash free silicone molding for medical device components. We have over 50 years of experience developing small and complex molded parts, and furthermore are able to provide silicone molded parts completely free from flash and parting lines.

Tired of flash related non-conformances?

Silicone rubber is extremely inert, and thus offers excellent biocompatibility for implantable medical device applications. Unfortunately, flash can often be an undesirable result of most standard silicone molds. Attempting to manage silicone flash can lead to production problems, resulting in overhead, scrap, rework and manufacturing delays. In contrast, flash free silicone molding can save in both time and cost.

Flash free silicone parts for medical device

KEF America provides design expertise and high quality production controls to ensure flash free silicone molded parts, with no parting lines. Hence, our technologies have helped to serve the medical device industry. We’re capable of ensuring no flash on parts greater than .002in (50um). We furthermore mold components in a Class 100 cleanroom, and are ISO 13485, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certified.

Extremely small medical parts

We specialize in molding the extremely small, developing o-rings as small as ID: .002in (0.05mm), C/S: .002in (0.05mm). Those cross sectional diameters alone are smaller than most typical silicone flash itself, from a standard mold!

We’re developing the world’s tiniest o-ring. Learn more!

Flash Free Molding