KEF develops O-ring for Pacemaker

pacemaker o-rings

This requires strict industry standards and that each part will meet or exceed those standards, time after time. Making material with high precision and high reliability is a critical issue. It is also critical in our O-rings.


high precision orings

A KEF customer wanted O-ring cost reductions, and received quotations from several other vendors. The customer bought trial O-rings from the vendors, and came back a few months later saying, “I can’t find any other vendor who can make the accuracy that KEF makes”. They still remain a good customer for KEF, and we are very happy to hear from them. Kef makes super high precision O-ring.

KEF develops fuel pump diaphragms for aviation jet engine

o-rings for fuel pump

This was no easy task. Diaphragm thickness and diameter are 0.025″±0.004 and 2.840″ respectively with nylon cloth inside. 
aerospace diaphragm
The three-layer structure is created by compression molding on both sides of a nylon cloth with special rubber that we have developed. This diaphragm sends fuel to the engine using pressure fluctuation –very thin. However, high durability is required.

KEF develops wristwatch seal for ASTRONAUT’S use

aerospace o-rings

Accuracy and reliability are important for use in space. This watch seal’s specifications are waterproof up to 1000 meter deep and must withstand temperatures of -20°C~+70°C. A product is developed using our newest raw material compound, proving high quality and reliability. Since Oct. 2008, astronauts have used this inside and outside of a spacecraft, and the exact time is displayed continuously.