micro miniature o-rings
Micro Miniature O-Rings

Super small o-rings as well as large o-rings with tiny cross sectional diameters.
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chemical resistant rubber seals
Small Chemical Resistant Seals

High performance materials from our own material databases, molded in complex shapes and sizes.
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low outgassing micro seals
Low Outgassing Micro Seals

Made in a class 100 cleanroom with high purity materials to minimize contamination.
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Custom Diaphragms

Ultra thin, high accuracy diaphragms for medical, automotive, aerospace, and more.
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Rubber Vibration Insulators

Small size, high precision insulators manufactured with stable characteristics.
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Tiny Rubber Moldings

Tiny custom rubber moldings are available in a range of sizes as small as .008″ (0.2mm) in diameters.
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Flash Free Silicone Molding

High quality silicone molding for medical device, free from flash and parting lines.
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Industries Served


KEF Medical Group is highly specialized, tailored to your medical needs. We have FDA compliant medical grade materials and can develop new materials for your needs in a timely manner.
KEF produces seals for Pacemakers, Endoscopes, Vail Container Cork, Infusion Rubber Stopper, Prefilled Syringe Gaskets, Needle Tip Protection Caps and more.


Requires manufacturing according to strict quality standards.
KEF has materials such as AMS-P-5315. KEF produces diaphragms for jet engine fuel pumps, thickness 0.025″±0.004 dia. 2.840″ with nylon cloth inside.
Watch o-ring for astronaut’s space suits, which withstands 1000psi and -20°C +70°C etc.


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