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KEF was founded in 1967, specializing in extremely tiny and precise, high quality rubber products for wristwatches. Since then, KEF has expanded its business to areas including sealing water, gas, automobiles, HDDs, digital cameras, ink jet printers, industrial instruments, pace makers, endoscopes seals, fuel pump diaphragms for jet engines, O-rings for aerospace astronaut suits and more. Our company conducts extensive research in order to develop the efficacy of our products to meet the highest standards in the world. This is especially true with regards to the technology of mixing rubber, of which we have outstanding expertise and have been successful in developing the smallest O-rings in the world.

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KEF Corp. works to identify the best custom rubber and sealing options for applications, from material selection and seal profiles With our proven experience, we offer custom design services for sealing components. Our specialties are high precision miniature or micro-miniature custom seals and rubber products. We deliver to your satisfaction the highest quality products on time.

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  • Flash Free O-ringCustom made, Odd shape Tiny Seals & Rubber Products
  • Flash Free, No Parting Line
  • Variety of Shapes and SizesHigh Precision High Quality
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Class 100 Clean room Facility
  • The World’s Smallest O-ring and larger sizes
  • Diaphragms thickness from 0.1mm (0.004in)
  • Vibration Insulators 


With over 50 years of experience, KEF has supplied to a variety of industries. KEF brings expertise directly to our customers. Our assistance in design and materials for applications reduces the time from concept to finished product when KEF is consulted early on.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

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