Micro Miniature O-Rings

micro o-rings

Specializing in Miniature O-Rings

Manufacturer of micro precision o-rings and miniature, custom rubber o-rings. We’ve developed the world’s smallest O-ring, as well as large o-rings with tiny cross sectional diameters. The smallest o-ring in production is ID: 0.196mm C/S: 0.05mm with no parting line. In addition, we can provide smaller o-rings by request. Furthermore, our smallest O-ring developed and tested is ID: 0.05mm C/S: 0.05mm silicone, no parting line.

Smallest O-Ring Developed & Tested
ID: 0.05mm, C/S: 0.05mm, Silicone, No Parting Line

Smallest O-Ring in Production
ID: 0.196mm, C/S: 0.05mm, Silicone, No Parting Line

Quality Micro O-Rings

KEF can provide O-rings “flash free” and with “no parting line” using our high mold technology. Furthermore, we provide dimensional accuracy up to ID +/- 0.01mm C/S +/- 0.01mm. Therefore, we’re able to supply high quality and medical grade o-rings for use in industries such as: medical implant, wristwatch, tooth brush, switch, micro seal, optical, and microscope O-rings, etc. KEF is a leader in custom, miniaturized rubber seals, with over 45 years of experience. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Micro O-Ring Materials

KEF develops and produces materials in house, ranging from Silicone, Nitrile, Urethane and more. We work with the latest material innovations, as well as the many thousands of materials we’ve developed in our own database. Furthermore, we provide medical grade FDA (UPS-381) and aviation grade AMS-P-5315. Learn more about our selection of materials (click here).

Natural Rubber
And more

Customized Miniature O-Rings

We work with our customers to develop all sorts of miniaturized o-rings in various shapes and cross sections. Our specialty is in extremely small o-rings that would otherwise be very difficult to produce. Moreover, our goal is to help you push the limits of design and innovation in medical, electrical, aerospace and more.

Custom Micro O-Rings ID:.010″(0.25mm) By .004″(0.10mm)

Micro O-Ring Sizing
Micro O-Rings Sizing
Micro O-Ring High Magnification
Micro O-Rings High Magnification

In addition, we offer some standard sizes. Learn more about our standard sizes (click here).